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Have you been thinking you would like to work with others in a healing capacity but are unsure as how to start? We all naturally have healing abilities and there are many ways to begin working with your gifts. One excellent suggestion I can personally vouch for is the Jose Silva program on healing.

The Silva Rapid Hand Vibration Technique and the other techniques are easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to apply. I believe this course may give you an excellent structure for starting to explore laying on of hands and energetic healing. I think you will enjoy the material. I definitely feel that Jose Silva was a man who walked his talk more than many. This particular healing course was authorized by Jose Silva before he passed from the earth realm.

What you will learn with the Faith Healing Program
This course contains mp3's that give you the healing techniques taught by Jose Silva, such as the simple hand positions and techniques. By the time you finish this easy to understand program, you will be able to actually utilize the techniques you have learned with others. So, if you've been waiting for a simple path to beginning to explore your gifts of healing, this course may well be the answer to your prayers. I encourage you to go over and read more about the program!

Ready? Then, Click here for Jose Silva Faith Healing Program!

In this special Silva Method home study course authorized and supervised by Jose Silva before he passed on, you can learn these time tested holistic faith healing techniques.

The course includes detailed information on 2 laying-on-of-hands techniques plus several conditioning cycles, including the world famous Silva Centering Exercise, presented in 12 mp3 audio sessions, plus 2 half-hour videos in 3 formats: Windows, QuickTime, and Real Video, and a 33 page PDF manual, and a duplicate of all the essential information in plain text format.

Healing Disclaimer: The Silva Method, Reiki or other types of energy work that are covered here at the wellness library, are for educational purposes only. They are never represented as replacement for medical evaluation, treatment or testing you may additionally need.