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Distant Healing with the LifeLine Technique
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How distance healing occurs with the LifeLine Technique

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This is part of an FAQ list about an alternative healing modality called LLT, or LifeLine Technique.

If you are new to LLT, please also read the introduction to LLT here. Thanks to LifeLine Technique practitioner Abigail Thurston for providing this healing information.

Now, continuing with frequently asked questions about the LifeLine Technique ....

How do typically in-person modalities work for distant healing in an LLT session?

Question: If a person has a phone session with you, how is massage, aromatherapy, color therapy acupressure and crystal therapy still possible? If those elements are missing, will the session still be effective?

Abigail's Response: When a phone session is provided, I become a surrogate for the person that is receiving the long distance healing. I muscle test on
behalf of the client. I wear the color therapy eye-wear, hold the crystals, do the EMDR eye movements, etc on behalf of the client.

Just as prayer works over time and space, a healing session transmits the power to the individual many miles away. The person receiving the distance healing session may experience the movement of energy as
shivers, chills, or new awareness in the body of subconscious emotions that are either stuck or moving.

The story that unfolds during a LLT distance healing session will open your heart and balance your
energies in a loving and supportive way whether in person or long distance.

Where do I find information on LLT Training?

Health Disclaimer: Information about healing modalities such as the LifeLine Technique is not represented as replacement for any needed medical care or evaluation. Be wise with your health.