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LifeLine Technique Training Information
Learning LLT from Dr. Darrell Weissman

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LifeLine Technique Training

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If you are new to LLT, please also read the introduction to LLT here. Thanks to LifeLine Technique practitioner Abigail Thurston for providing this healing information. After reading the frequently asked questions, you may feel as if you might want to pursue training as an LLT practitioner yourself. If so, this page will give you some ideas about what that training involves and point you to Dr. Weissman's website for more information

Training as a LifeLine Technique Practitioner:

Dr. Weissman's website contains a lot of great information for those considering becoming a LLT Practitioner, including a video that teaches the first 3 steps of the LifeLine Technique online.

There is a charge for this 2-hour online class but it's far less than the training will be and should give you a good feel for whether this technique resonates with you. The LifeLine Technique Certification Exam Requirements

Certification in the LifeLine Technique Requires:

Attending Conscious Body-Conscious Mind Training, Advanced I, and Advanced II Techniques Trainings

You must complete and document 25 LifeLine TechniqueT sessions with someone other than yourself

You must successfully complete an oral and written exam with a minimum score of 90 percent.

Dr. Darren Weissman has two books published by Hay House, "The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude" and "Awaken to the Secret Code of Your Mind."

Visit the website of Dr. Warren Weissman and Learn More about LLT Training

Why do healers choose LLT training over other modalities?

Health Disclaimer: Training for the LifeLine Technique is not represented as replacement for any needed medical care or evaluation.