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Spiritual Playshops and Training - Etheric Alchemy Intensives


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Do you feel drawn to healing as a vocation? Have you been seeking a spiritual training workshop that would allow for maximum transformation in minimum linear time, in healing? If so, I'm not doing that anymore. What am I doing now? Being, in a Sacred Space of play and exploration. Please let me know if you'd like to study with me in the new way. We'll explore it together.

Etheric Alchemy Spiritual Training

The explorations involve, in part, vibrational frequencies that were received during this spiritual experience so reading that information might help you discern if the Etheric Alchemy Training might be for you. And oh, I use that word "training" so loosely. It is not what it used to be. An etheric alchemist will play with this idea that all we manifest on the physical and third dimensional experience begins outside that realm, in the etheric layers of who we are. By learning to create from that level, we may generate transformative frequencies of change and shift that create our world differently; we may also learn how to support Sacred Space within which others may shift themselves in splendid and amazing ways.

What is Etheric Alchemy?

Etheric Alchemy is nothing new. Teachings that incorporate it are numerous and include Christian, Buddhist and Native-American teachings. It is an ancient way of seeing the world and being in the world and it changes everything in your world when you embrace it.

Newer teachings emerging that embrace the concepts of etheric alchemy include Matrix Energetics and the Yuen System of healing.

There have been three people attuned to the process so far. That playshop was powerful and I see vast transformation in two of the participants. The third is struggling, walking thru some pretty strong negativity. One process is not less valuable than the other, in my awareness. Whatever the energy takes a person thru is spiritually aligned with who they are and the path they are on so it's always good, regardless of how it may look.

I am available to attune those who ask.

askme at askahealer dot com

Giving things names: I spent weeks going over different names for the sum of what I teach in playshops. I thought it was important. I came up with Accelerated Alignment Healing Facilitation Training.

The right branding, the right name, was not important. In fact, it was not even accurate. Any name I could give would be different tomorrow or with the next person or next playshop.

Even to call how I express with others in the position of teacher or healing facilitator "etheric alchemy" is less a name than blanket statement. It's just for who it's for and I no longer care about definitions.