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Lessons in living by faith - when the diagnosis is cancer:

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My friend, Lynn, has already shared some of her personal story on this site. You can read her inspiring and very educational article on gastric bypass surgery.

When Lynn found out she had a tumor in her shoulder, she went through some of the same emotions anyone would go through....fear, worry, stress. But it is where she ended up that really matters.

Lynn wrote... " I realized that this tumor is about faith, as crazy as that may seem. I have needed more for a long time, I don't mean faith, spiritually, I mean faith in myself. So, from somewhere deep inside I have found it, it is still a roller coaster, an uphill climb, but that seed is there. And right now I seem to be living on it, for a number of reasons... these are the words that came:"

Copyright, Lynn West

Faith is planted in hopes and dreams
it's written in the stars
and can be endless, it seems
Faith is lived each day by the one
who remembers what hope is
from dawn til setting sun
Faith is reminding yourself all the while
when you want to sink down
stop, think and then smile
Faith is what tests us when the hard times fall
when you wonder how to get through it
keep the faith, above all
Faith is the knowing that comes from inside
when the climb seems impossible
if faith, I'll abide
Lynn West
July 29, 2007

How to know if you should be a healer

Living by faith has been a huge challenge in my own life so I really resonate with this poem, particularly the line "faith is lived each day by the one who remembers what hope is".

Powerful words. We must remember what hope is, more often. Neva. Please visit Lynn's facebook page for more of her inspirational writing.