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Have you been playing with the concepts brought forward by Abraham-Hicks, known as the principles of the Law of Attraction? I've been exploring manifestation and co-creation for a long time and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks have certainly given me some fun directions. Many who work with LOA principles seem to reach an impass, where it just doesn't seem to be working.

I think one of the main reasons this impass in manifestation occurs is that our conscious minds get too involved, wanting to see results, trying to figure out what to do, etc. when the entire premise of LOA, at least in my mind, is that there is nothing to do.

The only thing to "do" is be in what Esther Hicks calls "The Vortex", that space where there is flow and energy moving for us. From there, all that is good is attracted effortlessly, with a grace and ease that is witness to the Divine Nature of Life Itself.

If you appear to have reached an impass with your manifestation goals or with living the principles of LOA, why not let your subconscious mind have a go at it? With hypnosis, you may be able to instill direct information that will be helpful to your Law of Attraction practice, bypassing that meddling conscious mind.

The gateway to your manifestation may best be unlocked through hypnosis. By enhancing your belief, conscious and subconscious, about manifesting, the secret and the law of attraction, you build toward success. Believing in the full capacity of your own mind and beingness to attract all good to you with grace and ease, creates a synergistic effect that builds on itself. Hypnosis can help. This hypnosis CD uses 3D surround sound and amazing visualization to create a positive and unshakable attitude toward manifestation and LOA success.

Enhance Your LOA Success with
The Law of Attraction Hypnosis Album

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The Law of attraction has received a lot of attention lately because of the book, The Secret. The spiritual principles written about in The Secret best serve humanity at large, as well as the individual using them, when they are lifted well beyond the scope of personal gain.