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The Real Story of Money
Health and Religion

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The Real Story of Money, Health and Religion

Loren Howe

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Loren Howe is the writer of a multi-page article on Food and Health, hosted here at the wellness Library. You have probably reached this page thru some part of the article series. However, if you found it directly from a search engine search, please go to Food and Health to read more about Loren's writings on the subject of nutritional supplementation, dietary lifestyles and food preparation information.

Topics within Loren's article are traditional cooking vs. how our ancestors prepared food and what we might gain from going back to a more paleolithic approach to diet. Food preparation has a lot to do with the nutritional value of foods you consume.

To learn much greater detail regarding traditional dietary and health practices, you can read The Real Story of Money, Health, and Religion, by Loren Howe available at LuLu Online Bookstore