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Lower Cholesterol Naturally
Reduce LDL Levels with Cholesto-Rite

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Natural Cholesterol Lowering Remedy from Native Remedies

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Ask a Healer Recommended: Cholesto-rite from Native Remedies
The herbals in Cholesto-Rite have specific properties to support the body's ability to maintain healthy levels of LDL and HDL cholesterol. In addition, this 100% natural supplement acts as a tonic for the heart, helping to promote the body's own nautral ability to fight free radicals and the damage they can cause.

Cholesto-Rite not only lowers LDL cholesterol, but also increases the levels of what is called the good form of cholesterol, or HDL. Cardiovascular health hinges partially on adequate amounts of HDL as the good cholesterol is what helps remove excessive LDL and helps prevent plaque from building up inside the arteries.

Using a heart tonic such as Cholesto-Rite can help to balance your cardiovascular system, which may help prevent heart disease and stroke. As far as fighting free radicals is concerned, this is due to some of the herbs in this formula being excellent antioxidants.

* Cholesto-rite is Safe
* Cholesto-rite is Non-addictive
* Cholesto-riteSupports healthy liver function
* Cholesto-rite Helps fight free radicals damage
* This natural formula contains some of the most potent cholesterol-lowering ingredients available: red rice yeast, gugilipid and rooibos
Registered with the FDA
Perhaps most impressive, cholesterol lowering results typically noticed with just 3-6 weeks of regular use of this product.

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for Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

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Health Care Disclaimer: This cardiovascular health product information is educational in nature. Cholesto-rite is not represented as substitute for medical attention. If you are under a doctor's care for any known heart condition, you should ALWAYS check with your doctor before adding anything new to your heart care regimen, whether natural or otherwise.