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Why Is Lymph Drainage Important?

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Our lymphatic system is an absolutely vital part of our health and, unlike other self-cleaning systems, the lymphatics need our help to stay healthy. Exercise is a natural form of lymph drainage so make sure you are getting enough physical exercise to help your system perform the way it was designed to do. In particular, bouncing on a rebounder is an excellent way to stimulate natural lymph drainage. However, a little rebounding goes a long way.

Be careful not to overdo with rebounding because it works incredibly well and you could throw yourself into a healing crisis if too many toxins get released at one time. To begin with, I only used a rebounder for about a minute a day and then built up another minute every few days. For those who may not know what a rebounder is, it looks like a miniature trampoline. I bought mine on ebay for about $40.

Chronic Illness Hard on Lymph System:

If you are ill for a long period of time, and unable to exercise, you may be additionally burdened with congested lymph nodes. To assist the body in overcoming chronic illness, you may want to check on getting some manual lymph drainage, as is mentioned below. Congested lymph glands can cause very toxic reactions over time. The lymph system filters toxins, helps detoxify the body and helps with the regeneration of healthy tissues. Healthy lymphatics is part of having a healthy immune system.

Lymph congestion causes circulation problems, the accumulation of unhealthy toxins in the body and you to have more frequent colds and flu, puffiness under the eyes, muscle aches, chronic fatique, spongy-looking skin, painful areas of skin, headaches and more.

There are those who specialize in manual lymph drainage. The Upledger Institute is one such organization. Working with a lymph drainage specialist, you can help the lymphatic system to do it's job normally again and, if lymph congestion has not resulted in the formation of some other physical ailment, may see all the unpleasant symptoms listed above leaving quite quickly.

Some massage therapists are trained in a special form of massage called lympathic massage, which directly assists the lymph system in releasing toxins. Talk with your massage therapist about your general state of toxicity and any health issues you may have before requesting lymphatic massage. Proper lymph drainage is important for healthy skin too.

Health Care Disclaimer: Lymph-related conditions may be more serious than simple lymph congestion so any swelling of lymph nodes should be evaluated medically, to rule out more serious conditions. Lymphatic massage is not intended to replace any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment.