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Still Too Invasive for Some

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This is part three of a three-part wellness focus article, featuring information on antiaging treatments. Read part one for more anti-aging treatments information.

Non-Invasive Antiaging Treatments: There are less invasive treatments emerging which give women options besides cosmetic surgery, facelifts, etc. but none of the non-invasive anti-aging treatments I read about on Oprah's website sounded like a good time to me.

One cosmetic procedure, called a thread lift, actually results in threads being inserted underneath the skin to pull the skin taut. Afterwards, those "threads" stay there, underneath the skin. Just doesn't sound like anything my skin would want there. But, if a facelift is the only option in woman's mind, I can see where this wouldn't be nearly so invasive a choice.

There was also some information about a procedure called fat transfer, which is exactly what it sounds like. Fat is transferred from one part of the body to another. I've actually heard of this one as it's been the brunt of jokes on sitcoms....."she's wearing her butt on her face now" is one I recall.

I'm not saying these options won't work for some women but I'm definitely saying they won't work for me so I have find other avenues of approach and, in my case, that's nutrition, healthy skin care and cleansing products, maintaining proper hydration and alkaline ph and other lifestyle changes such as exercise, deep breathing, etc. that are youth-giving from the inside out.

Health Disclaimer: Just because fat transfer and thread lifts are considered non-invasive cosmetic procedures, that doesn't mean they are without risk. Discuss any immune system problems you may have with your doctor, as well as any allergies to medications or materials that might be used in the procedures. Also, go over all prescription drugs you may be taking at the time.