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Is Coconut Oil a Bad Fat?


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Coconut oil has gotten a bad rap nutritionally, as far as I'm concerned, if we're talking about raw, virgin, organic coconut oil. Coconuts provide MCFA's or medium chain fatty acids, healthy fats the body can easily assimilate. I'm happy to add these delicious natural coconut products to the wellness library for your nutritional health and wellbeing.

If you recall, just a decade or so ago, health professionals were telling us to eat margarine instead of real butter. Now, you read that butter is actually better in moderation because of the trans fats in margarine. I predict there will come a day when the naysayers against eating coconut oil and coconut products will be retracting their advice as well. Until then, if you are under a doctor's care for high cholesterol or heart disease, please check with your doctor before adding coconut products to your diet. If your doc says coconut is ok, please choose only pure, virgin, organic coconut products.

Buying Coconut Products: If you are looking for ways to add pure coconut goodness to your diet, here's one to get you started. The same company has some excellent nutrition articles covering the benefits of healthy fats like the fats you get in pure coconut oil, how coconut oil can help with weight loss and inflammation, and more.

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil - Harvested at the perfect age for nutritional ripeness, this raw, organic coconut oil is made from coconuts harvested at the perfect age, from a USDA certified organic coconut plantation and cold-pressed in a process preserving all the live enzymes and lauric acid that are so beneficial. No chemicals or preservatives added. Oil is extracted by centrifuge, resulting in the best coconut oil you can buy.

Another product making news these days for health benefits is MCT Oil. Extracted from coconuts, MCT oil is said to provide even more concentrated health benefits. However, not all MCT oil is created equal. There is something called Upgraded MCT oil and if I were going to try it, I'd try that. It's pricy so not everyone can afford it. I intend to try it one day though, in my bulletproof coffee. Right now, I'm using unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil.


Nutritional Health Disclaimer: If you are under a doctor's care for high cholesterol or heart disease, your doctor may not permit you to use coconut oil, despite the healthy benefits of the MCFA's in virgin, organic coconut oil. Check with your doctor before adding natural coconut products to your diet.