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What is Ozone Therapy?
How is Medical Ozone Used?

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Medical Ozone Information and Applications - What ozone therapy is and who may benefit from it: The controversial healing properties of ozone

by except as noted

The health benefits of this natural healing modality are disputed and ozone therapy remains a controversial topic in the wellness and medical communities. While the FDA has approved ozone for certain applications in the food processing industry, it is not recognized as safe to ingest. Irregardless, those who use ozone generators say that the health benefits are real.

Unlike the oxygen you breathe when in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, medical ozone is not just pure oxygen; rather, it is a blend of oxygen and ozone gas, created by a process where pure oxygen undergoes an energetic transformation to infuse ozone into it. Breathing in this mixture ozonates the blood, a process that has not been proven safe. Those who support ozonation of the blood do so because they believe ozonation kills harmful viruses and bacteria in the blood.

Ozone therapy is said to help with free radicals control, immune system response, pain relief, clearing arteries and veins, lymph purification, blood purification, heavy metal detoxing and more. In addition, ozone therapy is often utilized to stop bleeding and to prevent damage after a person has suffered a stroke.

While not approved as a treatment for cancer of hepatitis, there are those who say that ozone therapy assists the body with overcoming those conditions. Also, ozone therapy reportedly can reduce the side effects of radiation and chemo.

Side Effects of Ozone Therapy
In some suseptible individuals, ozone therapy could trigger seizures. Other side effects include headaches, ear pressure, somen numbness of fingers and raised blood pressure levels. As with a lot of other things, if pregnant or nursing, check with your doctor before undergoing ozone therapy. Also, some forms of ozone therapy are consider safer than others. This type of therapy is also contraindicated if you have been diagnosed with either G6PD deficiency or hyperthyroidism. One site I visited says it is definitely dangerous to receive ozone through injection. Also note that any treatment involving ozone should NOT include inhalation.

Health Disclaimer: This information about ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen does not replace any needed medical care or evaluation. It is for educational purposes only. Be wise with your health.