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This stopped my squigglys in 4 minutes

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Painless migraines and some tips on stopping them.


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Please rule out other health challenges that may cause vision disturbances but if you suspect you may be having painless migraines, this information may be useful to you.

I've had painless migraines for at least a couple of decades. Mine occur primarily on the left side and effect vision in the left eye. What happens is that I begin to see these squiggly lines that can become so bad that I can't drive when they appear. I never really know what brings them on but some common triggers include stress, alcohol and strobe or florescent lighting. Whatever the reason, when the squigglys appear, they can be so pervasive that I can't see well enough to drive so it's a serious concern for me.

I've been reading up on painless migraines and checking to see what other people who have them could recommend. The most common suggestions:

1. Excedrin. Several people I got feedback from swear by excedrin for painless migraines. I have not personally tried it.

2. Relaxation and Meditation. This was another common suggestion. I happen to support both these suggestions, not only for relief from the symptoms of painless migraines but for stress-related symptoms in general. It's just a good idea to unplug, relax, reset, and spend some time away from life's often frenetic pressures.

3. Lay in a dark room with a cold compress over the eyes. I have tried the dark room thing but never the cold compress. Personally, I don't like anything cold on my skin but this seems to work for some folks.

4. Now we get to what worked for me. I use MSM drops most nights, to help my eyes deal with computer strain. I find them very beneficial but had never thought of using them for painless migraines. The other day, I was having the bad squigglys and decided to try them. I was totally amazed. Almost instantly, from the moment the drops hit my eyes, I noticed the squigglys reducing. Within four minutes, they were gone. And ... they did not come back.

The brand I use is Rich's MSM water drops but there are many more options available online. I've used Rich's for years, except for a period of time when the product was unavailable due to a contamination issue they have since rectified.

Health Care Disclaimer: MSM water drops, or any of the other information shared here, is not intended to replace medical attention for painless migraines. If you suffer from them, please see your chosen healthcare professional. This information is educational in nature and not intended to replace any needed medical care. While it can be common to experience headaches from allergies, sensitivities and stress, any chronic headache pattern needs proper attention and evaluation.