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Activity Center for Children


If you are looking for fun activities for the kids, may I recommend the Children's Activity Center.

This is a six-sided cube of activities that will keep kids busy for hours with stimulating games that help them develop better hand to eye coordination as well as assisting them in learning their letters and colors. Children will find this cube fun and entertaining.

Frustration-Free for Parents:
Because there are no loose pieces, you won't be hunting for something all the time, to be able to play one of the activities or constantly picking up game pieces from the floor. It is self contained and perfect for the home or a busy waiting room. Also great for parents who take their children to work with them or who work at home and need to keep little ones entertained for a while here and there.

Get the Children's Activity Center
Good for them; Good for you!

Recommended for children, age 24 months to 6 years. This will provide fun and engagement for a long time! Activities include Pathfinder, Learn the Alphabet, an Abacus, Gears, Magnetic Circle Express and a Ziggidy Zag Panel.