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Must be non-smoking:
I can only accept housesits where there is no smoking at all, in any part of the house, by anyone. I am extremely sensitive to cigarette smoke. Although I know that many people use products like Febreze, Glade Plugins and Carpet Fresh, I request that use of chemical air fresheners be halted the day before I arrive for the sit. I understand if that is not acceptable which is why I want to be upfront about it and make sure we're a good match.

No house shares or pop-overs
I have seen housesits where part of the ad includes the words "My teenage son will be staying there as well." No. I housesit. I don't babysit. Also, I would not feel comfortable with a situation where family members may be coming to stay during the housesit/pet sit or another member is staying in the house while the owner is gone.

Housesitting vs. Housecleaning:
I am always scrupulous about cleaning up after myself and leaving the home as clean as I found it. In other words, I clean up after myself and in all areas of the home that I use. However, I do not clean the entire home. I used to clean condos for a living and charged $60-$80 for that type of service. Please be up front if there are any expectations of housecleaning beyond what would normally be done by a housesitter. Of course, if I am sitting long term, like over a month, then I'll dust and do whatever a homeowner would need to do in that time. I WILL make sure the areas I use are always clean for your return.

Indoor fleas/Pets who sleep with their owners:
If you have indoor animals, I trust that you have treated them so that fleas are not an issue inside the home. If not, please find another housesitter. Also, I love animals but I do not sleep with them. If your pet is used to sleeping in the bed with you, I am not the best match for their comfort.

I'm flexible on my rates, depending on length of stay and location. If you live in an area that I happen to want to visit, I may not charge at all but typically, I do charge a fee plus a reasonable gas stipend. Depending on the situation, I sometimes waive both and do a sit for free when the location holds enough personal interest for me..

Occupants in House During Housesit:
I have had this situation come up so must say that there should not be other people in the home. I expect to be alone during the petsit and not be asked to accomodate guests during my petsit assignment for you and I definitely will not babysit teenagers.

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