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I recommend Wendy Downs

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I met Wendy Down through a message board we both belonged to, about a consciousness technology we both enjoyed, called Matrix Energetics. From the very beginning, I resonated with Wendy's energy and a strong vibration of personal integrity that emanated from her.

I enjoyed being part of Wendy's Consciousness Playground and felt infused with potential and uplifted with every recording she shared with us. I'm so happy to recommend her Body Sculpting sessions to my readers. I feel moments spent with Wendy may prove enlivening and transformative for you and I encourage you to go to her site and feel into the energy there.

Who this spiritual playtime may benefit: Wendy is playing with quantum levels of health and offers sessions in something she calls body sculpting, reshaping the body through consciousness alone. She has a focus on anti-aging and youthening. Whenever I listen to one of Wendy's audio recordings, I always come away with new awareness and feel, in some sense, more empowered.

If you'd like to know more about quantum health and body sculpting, Wendy has some great information on her website but really, it's such unique and powerful work that I'd recommend having a session or seeking out some of her free audio recordings on the blog. Here's a link to learn more about body sculpting with Wendy Down.

Wendy works with another healer named Ken Graydon and together, they offer remote healing sessions as well. You'll find some refreshingly straightforward and transparent information about these types of sessions on Wendy's website too. I love that she and Ken have the courage to admit that they are pioneering something and that they, themselves, are in a grand experiment. It takes the mind of an adventurer to explore reshaping the body with consciousness alone.

I agree with Wendy when she says these sessions are not for you if don't at least have a belief that this kind of shift is possible, even though you may not know how it could happen. Also, you do have to give authority to these two faciliators to entangle with your field and that may feel scary, although we do it every day in lots and lots of healthy and unhealthy ways with those around us.

Free Healing Journey E-Class Series: If you are interested in working with energy as a healing facilitator, I offer a free introductory e-series on alternative healing facilitation. The Healing Journey Class consists of one email a day, for 7 days, and covers some of the more basic aspects of working as an energetic healer.