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The Spiritual Significance of Psoriasis
Non-Physical Factors in Disease

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The Spiritual Implications of Psoriasis


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Physical illness may be the culimating result of preceding factors. On physical levels, diet and lifestyle play a big role in how well the body maintains health but there are also non-physical contributors to illness. Stress and emotional turmoil have an impact on health. The role of stress in the creation of physical illness is huge. When the stress one experiences stems from a lack of spiritual direction, disconnection or confusion, the illness can be said to stem partially from a spiritual place.

It's easy to just think of ourselves as the body. However, all spiritual beings know that we are simply Spirit inhabiting flesh. The physical body is how we spiritual beings get around on Earth. As a vehicle, it's not a bad way to travel either! The human body is exquisitely designed to be self-monitoring and self-correcting. When it cannot correct, it is almost always because there has been stress to the system or a system breakdown of some kind. In the mind of the spiritual being who has a body, the body can become like a warning system, telling us how well we are doing in this thing called life. Just as physical and emotional factors need to be considered in illness, so does the spiritual message of whatever we are experiencing.

The Spiritual Implications of Psoriasis:
Psoriasis creates chronic symptoms. Any condition that is chronic points to non-physical factors that are also chronic. Some examples would be the chronic, persistent fears associated with growing up in an abusive household, the chronic stress of poverty, the relentless feeling of worry if a parent is terminally ill when we are young, etc.

According to Louise Hay, psoriasis indicates a chronic fear of being hurt. If you've been diagnosed with psoriasis, it may be helpful to seek some counseling around the events in your early life that may have caused a sense of feeling unsafe in the world. If your childhood included abuse and damage to self-esteem because of abuse, taking appropriate steps to heal the inner child and decondition yourself from fear beliefs may be a helpful step in healing.

Psoriasis is considered a lifelong condition in western medicine. The holistic health practitioner may not hold that view and may understand that the human body is designed to heal itself from any condition if given what it needs to do so. However, when dealing with a persistent, hard to treat condition that is systemic and thought to be genetically linked, it may be helpful to consider more than the current incarnation. Psoriasis may be linked to past life issues that you've been unable to resolve. Look to your relationships with your closest immediate family in this incarnation, and most likely, your father or mother.

On a physical level, a gentle cleansing of the liver may help the body in clearing psoriasis. Addressing leaky gut syndrome is important. Also, consider adding Vitamin D and a good probiotic if not already taking these.

The time of onset of such a condition is a good place to start for non-physical clues that might be factors. For example, in the case of the woman who asked about healing psoriasis, her time of onset was around the age of 7 so I would suspect there was some event or situation at the age of seven that triggered a past life response to a present life situation. I recommended that she think back to whatever was happening then and look specifically for life-altering or traumatic events such as major illness, death of a parent or sibling, prolonged separation from family, divorce, etc.

That is pretty much a general suggestion I give whenever anyone has a chronic condition and they want to look at possible non-physical contributing factors. Think back to when the condition or illness first manifested, look at your life during that time period, and find any traumatic factors that might need healing or resolve now.

Conditions we manifest may also have their roots in lives other than the one we are currently living. If it is a past life healing that is needed, it's important to know that we are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Meditation and prayer while gently holding that lifetime in our consciousness can help us to release old karmic influences. We can see if we need to forgive ourselves, forgive others in that lifetime with us, or change patterns that have been unconsciously carried over from past lifetimes. In addition, with energetic support from a strong healer who recognizes that we must do the work but who knows how to create Sacred Space where that work can happen, we can even more quickly and effectively break genetically linked cellular memory.

Health Care Disclaimer: This info is not suggested as replacement for needed treatment or evaluation, should you have psoriasis or other skin conditions causing concern.