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What is Tinnitis - Symptoms of Tinnitus
What Causes Ringing in the Ears

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What is Tinnitis and What are the Symptoms?


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Tinnitis is typically caused by damage to the tiny hairs lining the inside of the ear and is also called ringing in the ears because that is the most annoying and typical symptom of tinnitis that sufferers report. The function of these microscopic hairs inside the ear is to produce the brainwaves that allow us to hear sound, by responding to soundwaves.

When damaged, these hairs over-respond or respond in a chaotic way which can create the sound of buzzing, ringing, or whistling sounds that can range from being annoying to debilitating to the person experiencing them. Other symptoms include dizziness, sharp pain inside the ear and even hearing loss, usually mild.

While the main cause of ringing in the ears is inner ear damage, the cause of the damage itself is often never diagnosed.

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