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Housesit Information for Neva Howell

Thanks for your interest in my housesitting services. I appreciate you taking the time to review the important information I have gathered for you here. I am a wellness coach and spiritual healing facilitator. I am a non-smoker and do not use drugs. In caring for your home, I will be quiet and respectful. I will care for your home as if it were my own and I will love and nurture your animals friends so that they have as pleasant an experience in your absense as is possible.

What is a Housesit / Petsit? Folks have different ideas about what housesitting or petsitting should involve so I want you to know what I feel is reasonable for a typical housesit or petsit. I will take in mail, forward messages, clean up after myself and leave your home as clean as I find it on arrival. I will water any reasonable amount of plants. I will be in the home enough to provide safeguard for the home and, if petsitting, to provide love and companionship for your animal friends.

Additional tasks requiring discussion, negotation and possible additional fee include yard work or garden work, errands or vet visits requiring driving my car, pool maintenance and the care of more than two animals. I'm more apt to include some of these types of tasks with a long term sit. Tasks I am unwilling to do include pet grooming, attaching a bark collar, applying frontline or similar chemicals, injecting pets with medication shots or driving doggies away from home for daily walks.

Housesit and Petsit References

Strong preferences I'm up front about and rates.

About me:
I enjoy peaceful, quiet spaces and am very much an advocate of green living and eco-friendly dwellings. I typically bring my own sheets, towels, memory foam mattress top and pillows (unless I fly) so I am a low-maintenance sitter aside from requiring clean air and water wherever I go. In other words, if your house has mold, count me out. If your water quality is bad, likewise. I aim to leave little imprint from my stay other than meditative energy.

Since 1993, I've supported myself in part with web writing and marketing. (My website is The Wellness Library). I am also a professional actress who works occasionally in film and television roles. Here's my online performance reel and resume and here I am on The Internet Movie Database. I have supported myself since 2001 with my web businesses and the occasional acting job. I live simply.

Are we a good match? If so, please email back with your questions for me My contact info