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Neutraceuticals as Cancer Treatments
Riordan Intravenous Vitamin C Protocol

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High Dose Vitamin C for Cancer - Information on IMM-Kine, IVC-Max and C-Statin

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Can Neutraceuticals Kill Cancer?
Mr. Neil Riordan developed The Riordan Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC) Protocol for Cancer. His company has additionally created a series of nutraceuticals aimed at helping people with cancer. Mr. Riordan advocates the use of high dose Vitamin C as a kind of natural chemotherapy because vitamin c (ascorbic acid) is fatal to cancer cells if given in the right dosage.

Giving doses from 30 grams all the way up to 100 grams, twice weekly, one doctor reported metastatic lesions disappeared, as well as metastasized bone cancers. Read more about the research and work being done in fields of neutraceuticals at the The Riordan Clinic

About the Riordan Neutraceuticals:
Most wellknown and popular of the Riordan Neutraceuticals for cancer is the IVC-Max formula which, in addition to the all-important vitamin c, contains substances known to enhance and increase the function of vitamin c in the body, namely selenium, alpha lipoic acid and quercitin.

Vitamin C is a superior antioxidant and, as been mentioned earlier, is specifically toxic to cancer cells. C-Statin is an anti-angiogenesis substance, which means it works by cutting off blood supply to tumors so that they can't make new blood vessels. C-Statin is herbal in origin, created from the plant bindweed.

Imm-Kine strengthens the ability of the T-cells to fight infection, generates a strong immune system stimulation and has the unique function of activating immune resistance at a microbial level. Imm-Kine contains Lactobacillus fermentum and Beta 1-3-Glucan.

The point is that there are doctors out there who will look at adjunctive therapies and alternative treatments. If you don't have an oncologist who will, and you are interested in pursuing the addition of natural supplements in your healing regimen, I recommend doing your own research online or asking a relative to research for you.

Arm yourself with information and credible sources and present them. If your oncologist still refuses to have the discussion, just know there are doctors out there who will. You might want to research Natural Allopathic Medicine or look for a naturopathic oncologist.

Health Disclaimer: The use of high dose vitamin c for cancer works better when the dosage can be administered intravenously. This information on the Riordan protocols, the vitamin c and other products, are not intended to replace any needed medication or medical treatment your oncologist may deem necessary.