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Russell Crowe Casting Call
from the Cosmic Casting Agency

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The cosmic casting call for Russell Crowe


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Broadcasting Amazing Casting Roles:

The cosmic casting agency is an etheric frequency gridline being broadcast via the internet - wanta support spiritual cinema? Lend your vibrational frequency to these ideas... Russell Crowe as Steve Miller in his prime (Billy Crudup as Steve in early days):

Calling Russell Crowe: Oh, please, please, please play the role of Steve Miller in the story of his life. I saw a special on his life a while back and was just blown away by what a fascinating life he has led behind the spotlights. It's a story that aches to be told.

Come on, now, the Steve Miller Band? Space Cowboy? Come on, Russell, this has you all over it. Make it happen. Jive in on that Joker vibe here -- Steve Miller audition tape so learn your lines, Russell! All kidding aside, such an iconic musical figure deserves to have one heck of an onscreen tribute and I think Mr. Crowe would make sure of it.

And .... at the risk of .... oh, hell, what do I care about risks, right, think whatcha will but you, Russell Crowe, also had a starring role in one of the best Medicine Dreams I've ever had in my life, relating to the film and television industry. That medicine dream way back when helped me leave the biz when the time was right, and it showed me how to come back with all of me. Thanks for that, Russell Crowe!

Steve Miller just starting out
Who could play a very young Steve Miller? Depending on the script, if they need another actor for Steve Miller at the beginning of his career, how about Ansel Elgort? And, though there are differences, Or, if a little older, Billy Crudup? I can see it around the mouth, that way of holding the mouth.

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