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How does a Healer view mental health issues? Exploring the Impact of the Spirit on the Mind.

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Important Disclaimer: This article addresses spiritual aspects of healing only and is for educational purposes of a spiritual nature. Nothing here should be construed as replacement for any needed mental health evaluation or treatment for schizophrenia or other related mental health conditions that may have been previously diagnosed or suspected. Schizophrenia and other mental health challenges can become dangerous if left untreated so proper diagnosis followed by an intelligent wellness approach is vital.

How I approach mental disorders from a spiritual perspective:

As a spiritual healing facilitator, I look at the energy of any disorder, the way it behaves in the energy field, and work to determine what caused the imbalance on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. By contrast, the medical profession is mainly concerned with controlling physical symptoms.

I've had occasion to work with a diagnosed schizophrenic and I can hardly imagine a more difficult mental health challenge. This person was truly suffering so I have great empathy for anyone who is living in that space of perceiving reality. One energetic phenonenon I noticed in the energy field of the schizophrenics I've worked with was an almost total lack of energetic boundaries.

The cause of this lack of boundaries can have various causes, such as abuse or drugs. With one person I worked with, drugs had been involved and were probably mostly responsible but even in the absence of drugs, other factors can cause boundary disolvement, including traumatic events at any time between conception and birth or medications given during pregnancy or in childhood.

In addition, I believe drugs like ritalin run the risk of psychically damaging the energetic field of those who take them, even while I know that such drugs have benefits for some that may seem to outweigh the risks of psychic damage.

As a spiritual healer, part of my work in those cases is to assist the person in re-establishing energetic boundaries. Without them, we feel everything and everyone. It's overwhelming. It's like having two thousand radios going full blast, all on different channels.

That might sound more like ADD than schizophrenia but, although ADD also has sort of that same energetic feel to me, instead of hearing everything at once, the schizophrenic feels everything at once.

In the cases I've worked with as a spiritual healing facilitator and speaking only from energetic and vibrational perspectives, the result of schizophrenia was an inability to sort out what the person was feeling and thinking from what others were feeling and thinking around them. It's a constant energetic overload at spiritual levels, whereas ADD is more of an overload on physical levels.

By the way, ADD can be effectively addressed without drugs for many people. Drugfree ADD / ADHD Treatment Plan

Energetic healing can help calm the mind of the schizophrenic and is generally experienced as relaxing. Reiki is one of the more gentle and relaxing alternative healing modalities. Regular Reiki sessions might help your son find a more relaxed and peaceful center.

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Shamanic Experience can Mimic Schizophrenia: I know from my own shamanic experiences that entering the realm of the mystical can bring about experiences that, in the normal scheme of things, would not exist. I have had experiences, without the help of any psychedelic substance or drug, that some would envy and others might doubt or fear.

Mental Health Disclaimer: Schizophrenia can be a very dangerous mental health condition and anyone who believes they may be schizophrenic should seek the proper mental health counsel. Reducing symptoms of schizophrenia often requires medication and, sometimes, in-patient therapy.