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What is Splenda, Anyway?
Is Splenda Safe as a Sweetener?

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Splenda Side Effects


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Splenda is basically sugar that has been altered by chlorine. If you ask McNeil Nutritionals, Splenda has no known side effects. The company explains that sucralose does not cause headaches or gastrointestinal distress. Interesting, given the massive volume of user reports that it does exactly that and that their headaches and excess gas disappear when they stop using Splenda. I can personally attribute intestinal gas to consumption of splenda.

I personally cannot tolerate any of the currently popular "natural" sweeteners. I had noticable reactions to aspartame and absolutely cannot eat or drink ANYTHING that contains sorbitol or xylitol without being miserable the rest of the day and night. In fact, if it ends in "tol", I avoid it altogether (malitol, erythritol, etc.)

By the way, I didn't just try foods with these ingredients one time and say, oh, it must be the sweetener. However, it doesn't take very many experiences of pain and misery to start paying close attention after you eat. Unfortunately, sugar alcohols, splenda or aspartame could be in anything at a restaurant and usually staff is not very educated on knowing what is in the food served.

My personal experience with Splenda
I had not eaten or drank anything containing splenda in years. I remembered that it affected me adversely but didn't recall how so I thought I'd try a Diet Coke. I was thirsty so I had a large. Big mistake. Within hours I experience the following:

* Severe spasms in mid-back around heart area
* Severe chest pain, left arm pain, chin pinching
* A feeling of being drugged, could hardly hold my eyes open
* Vertigo, almost falling over on rising from dizziness
* Bad gas through the night
* Aching muscles and joints

Can I prove it was the splenda? No. That's what McNeil Nutritionals hangs onto. Coulda been something else ... except ... that's the only thing I did different that day and the symptoms went away the next day.

If you added together all the people who just reported headaches and gas, you'd have enough to make a doctor question the common denominator. If you consume products that contain Splenda, you might want to read more about Splenda Side Effects that are being reported by users.

Health Care Disclaimer: The FDA, along with McNeil Nutraceuticals still maintains that sucralose is safe, that Splenda is safe. Healthy options for sweetening your foods include stevia and my personal favorite, which is organic agave nectar. Do your homework and see what you think.