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Stephen Baldwin Casting Call
Role of Ab Jenkins - Bonnyville Flats

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The cosmic casting call for Stephen Baldwin


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Stephen Baldwin as Ab Jenkins:
I just watched a short film about Ab Jenkins. Before this film, I had not only never heard of Ab Jenkins but also had never heard of any of the amazing things he did. He was sort of a super-human and a man of great faith. The story of Ab Jenkins is, an amazing story of intuition, super-human endurance, faith, and inspiration.

Of course, Patrick Dempsey did the voice for the short film I did and he was wonderful in his throw-away delivery. The way he read the lines felt exactly right for Ab Jenkins. So....why not Patrick for the role? He's a great actor and has a high level of charisma, which Ab Jenkins also had in abundance. I don't know why .... just, when I was watching Ab Jenkins himself in the many old film clips within the short, I kept seeing someone else ...

As I watched, the more I watched, the more I saw the eyes and smile and personality ... and overall view of life of you, Stephen Baldwin. So Stephen, this is your cosmic casting call. Of course, you are very transparent about your Christian faith and often choose to act in Christian films lately whereas Ab Jenkins was a devout Mormon. So what. A man of faith is a man of faith.

The remarkable story of Ab Jenkins faith deserves to be told and I think you are the actor to bring him to life on the big screen. Stephen, what I like about you is that you appear so fallible; human; impish; seeming perpetually delighted by some joke for which only you can hear the punchline. I saw those same qualities in Ab Jenkins, at various times during the short film about his life and his contribution to racing.

Stephen Baldwin, here's your cosmic casting call -- I don't know who is making a movie about Ab Jenkins but somebody will and you should star in it. So...here's your audition tape. Ab Jenkins: Boys of Bonnyville - Racing on A Ribbon of Salt ... and don't let the picture you first see fool you. If you watch the live footage, you'll see yourself somewhere in Ab Jenkin's smile.

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