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Subliminal CDs for Weight Loss Success
Reach Your Goals with Subliminal CDs

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Ask a Healer Weight Loss Series

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Subliminals for Weight Loss Success

Keep the weight off and achieve other goals with the help of subliminal programming suggestion - Introducing The Subliminal Power program for goal achievement


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Along with a sound exercise and diet plan, subliminal power may provide the edge you need to drop the pounds by addressing blocks within the subconsious mind. A subliminal recording is one in which positive affirmations are embedded beneath the conscious listening level, bypassing the logical mind that may argue with or dismiss the affirmations and reaching the subconscious mind where changing habits and behaviors may happen with more ease.

I really like this program because it has so much in it. You get many different subliminal programs to choose from. You are not just ordering one subliminal program but an entire list of them, on different topics ... just a few:

Brain Power Programs - focus, memory, peak performance, creativity, etc..

Business Success Programs - Selling Power, Money Magnet, etc.

Weight Loss Programs to help with every aspect of your weight loss goals.

Get the Subliminal Power Program Now

Like the idea of subliminals or hypnosis tapes but don't want to be distracted by words or music? There is an interesting alternative in silent subliminals. You don't consciously hear anything but programming at levels below normal hearing help to subliminally shift perception and make reaching your goals easier.

Subliminals disclaimer: Subliminal tapes are not represented as replacement for Fitness, Detoxing or Eating Right, etc. A well-balanced health regimen is important to your overall sucess.