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Symptoms of Celiac Sprue
Celiac Disease Information

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Symptoms of Celiac Disease, also called Celiac Sprue


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A lot of the symptoms of this digestive disorder could also be attributed to other medical conditions so it's important to obtain an accurate diagnosis. However, the more of these common celiac sprue symptoms you have, the more likely your chances of getting that diagnosis from your doctor.

Common Celiac Disease / Celiac Sprue Symptoms May Include:
Bad-smelling stool
Stool that appears looks fatty or is more pale than normal bowel movements
Pain in the joints or bones
Excess gas
Unexplained anemia
Muscle cramps
Itchy rash (see article for more on this common symptom)
Symptoms of nerve damage such as tingling sensations in legs
Mouth sores
Missed periods
Loss of tooth enamel.

This is not a complete list but some of the more common signs to look for and report to your doctor.

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Health Care Disclaimer: Celiac sprue symptoms are quite broad in range and many of the symptoms may also point to other conditions. It is important to get an accurate diagnosis if you choose to treat celiac disease with allopathic medicines.