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A Message from Ringing in the Ears
The Metaphysical Significance of Tinnitis

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Metaphysical perspective on ringing in the ears


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I've had tinnitis for many years now. I've had occasion to notice it, in terms of spiritual importance. I've noticed when it waxes and when it wanes, for example. As far as I'm concerned, physical conditions are names given to spiritual processes by the medical profession. We have to call it something, I guess.

In the absense of physical damage to the ear, tinnitis is just a name given by the medical profession to a condition of the physical that is the result of etheric data downloads or physical imbalances relating to hearing, from a spiritual perspective. Spiritual imbalances that may precede the development of tinnitis include not wanting to hear something, or hearing things incorrectly because of limiting belief systems or paradigms. Etheric downloads are another matter entirely.

What is an etheric download?

Even to those who are spiritually aware, this may sound bizarre or crazy to those who are not aware that many of us agreed to help transmit information on this planet, far beyond the technology recognized thru tv and radio waves. The human brain is the ultimate computer and it is being utilized to transmit data that is vital to the continued existance of this planet.

I always notice when the ringing is louder, and take time to meditate, integrate, and just make myself available. Like I said, to many this will sound crazy .... delusions of grandeur .... whatever. Others know what I mean.

Health Care Disclaimer: This article represents a metaphysical perspective and it not intended to replace any needed medical attention. Learn more about tinnitis and natural remedies for ringing in the ear: . Natural Earache Remedy.