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Natural Tinnitus Remedy
Stop Ringing in the Ears

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Tinnarex Natural Tinnitis Remedy - Designed to relieve ringing in the ears

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Tinnarex is a natural tinnitus remedy containing herbs known for supporting good hearing, such as Maidenhair Tree (also known as ginko biloba) which has been studied specifically for it's ability to assist with healthy hearing. Additional ingredients include rosemary for healthy blood vessels, green oats and vervain for their calming and sedative effect on the nervous system and the homeopathic remedy Salicylic ac, an indicated homeopathic for good hearing.

The Tinnarex drops are especially formulated for health of ear and related structures and regular use can help you experience clearer and less disturbed hearing and healthy circulation. The ingredients in Tinnarex are 100 percent natural. This is a safe herbal and homeopathic remedy which has been formulated by an expert team of homeopaths and naturopaths.

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Tinnitus is an abnormal hearing situation in the inner ear. Although a certain amount of inner noise is normal, for some there is so much that it affects sleep, concentration and daily life. The most common symptom of tinnitus is ringing in the ears and the most common reason is damage to the delicate hearing mechanism in the inner ear. The cause is often never determined. This ringing in the ear symptom can be periodic for some and almost constant for others who have tinnitius.