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Tonsil Stones Information
Natural Tonsil Stone Remedies

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What are Tonsil Stones?


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I had never heard of tonsil stones until I read about them on a website that carries some bad breath products I share here at the wellness library. It's an intriquing condition and there is a whole lot of information about it. What I've gathered so far is that anaerobic bacteria accumulates in the tonsil area and forms what are called tonsil stones in some people. It is speculated that this is a protective mechanism of the body and that those prone to develop the stones need to look at more than just getting rid of the tonsil stones they have.

Smoking and alcohol seem to be factors, which makes sense. Both smoking and alcohol introduce toxic material directly into the mouth. It is thought by some that the stones form as a result of stress within the body and that it is one way the body tries to encapsulate a toxin so that it doesn't wreak wider havoc by getting into the blood stream.

I don't share this to alarm anyone who may have had this diagnosis. I'm only saying that, if the tonsils are performing some type of protective act in forming these stones, then underlying causes should be looked at.

One of the main symptoms of tonsil stones is bad, bad breath. The good news is that there are ways to take care of current stones. The fact that it's easy should not dismiss what I said before though. Though you can take care of the bad breath issue, underlying causes need also to be ruled out.

Ask a Healer is pleased
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Natural help for Tonsil Stones: - As far as I know, the Tonsil Stones Kit is the only natural remedy specifically designed to address the condition known as tonsil stones. If you've been diagnosed as having this condition, please check with your doctor about trying the tonsil stones kit. The kit includes oxygenated serum, sinus drops, throat spray and wetting lozenges, all designed to attack the anaerobic bacteria that may be at the root of your tonsil stones and bad breath.

Health Care Disclaimer: This is an educational health care article and not intended to replace medical treatment you may need or evaluation that may be helpful in determining both the cause of bad breath and other symptoms of tonsil stones. Please always see your doctor when you have unexplained sore throat symptoms.