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The Spiritual Significance
of Tonsillitis or Sore Throat

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Ask A Healer Spiritual Wellness Series

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Spiritual Signals From Physical Imbalance - Potential Spiritual Significance of Tonsillitis:


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clearing your throat chakra

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Spiritually speaking, the throat chakra is all about communication. We usually will manifest congestion there when we are...

* not speaking our truth

* speaking what we feel others want to hear out of a need for approval or fear of disapproval

* not feeling supported to speak and either suppressing communication or building resentment over not feeling free to speak speaking inappropriately - this is common when we are struggling to release habits of suppression and speak more freely.

* lashing out in anger or resentment.

* working to release beliefs about being punished or disapproved of for speaking.

It is often quite revealing to go over the events of the past week, leading up to the manifestation of a sore throat or tonsillitis, with specific focus on the voice. Looking at situations we were facing, and how we dealt with them verbally can provide great clues as to why our immune system may have been compromised in the particular way that leads to throat issues.

Health Care Disclaimer: This is an education article only, from a spiritual perspective. It is written for those who recognize that the body serves as a really good monitoring device for how well the Spirit is balancing in life and that study of our habits, behaviors, beliefs and practices in the face of illness may help us shift behaviors that led to immune system compromise through stress.