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Types of Ringworm
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Natural remedies for ringworm infections - are ringworms really worms?


What are the Different Types of Ringworm? A person may develop a ringworm infection in different areas of the body. The common areas for this infection to strike include the scalp, the feet, the nails and the groin (called jock itch in that last type). However, ringworm can occur anywhere on the body, showing up as a flat round patch.

Here are the medical names you may hear your doctor use:

1. Tinea Capitis - Ringworm on your head.
First symptom similar to pimple but it gets larger. The infection on the scalp may result in partial areas of baldness.

With regard to tinea capitis, the most common type of this infection in children, especially children age 3-7, there is a remedy that has been proven highly affective against Tinea Capitius as well as other types of ringworm. You will see a link to that product at the end of this page.

2. Tinea Corporis - Ringworm on your body.
First symptom, a round flat patch anywhere on skin.

3. Tinea pedis - Ringworm on your feet, also called Athlete's Foot.
Scaling, cracking skin main symptom.

4. Tinea Cruris - Ringworm around your groin area (jock itch).
Main symptom is infurirating itch

5. Tinea Unguim - Ringworm around the nails.
Symptoms include discolored, brittle or chalky nails.

6. Tinea Versicolor - Ringworm of the skin.
I'm not quite sure what makes this different than if it's Tinea Corporis except that the infection may result in light or dark patches on skin surface.

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Health Care Disclaimer: Please observe other health tips for controlling tinea pedis, such as keeping your feet dry and using an anti-fungal regularly on areas affected. Natural approaches for dealing with ringworm are not presented as replacement for any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment.