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What Causes Constipation
Preventing Colon Congestion

abnormal stool vs healthy bowel movement

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Ask A Healer Colon Health Articles

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How to Cure Chronic Constipation - Triggers to monitor


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This is part of a series of articles on chronic constipation. We are not addressing medical conditions effecting the colon but are talking about slow bowel movements in the otherwise healthy individual. If you feel you have a colon health issue beyond simple constipation, please see your doctor. In this part of the series, we are talking about some of the more common constipation triggers, including stress, diet and work or travel challenges.

What Causes Constipation
The reasons a person may develop slow bowel movements varies from individual to individual. However, there are particular situations that may frequently trigger the development of a constipated state. If you suffer from chronic constipation, there are some very simple prevention tips that could make a big difference over time. I'm speaking as someone who has had issues with maintaining healthy elimination myself and these are tips that have worked for me personally.

The five most common factors that impact colon health include travel, work, stress, diet and prescription drugs. I hope you will find some helpful information here and let me know if you have any questions, via the contact link at the top of each page in the Wellness Library. In addition to the common constipation triggers below, other causes include anesthesia given during surgery and colon cancer.

travel-related constipation

work-related constipation

stress-related constipation

diet-related constipation

drug-related constipation

Symptoms of colon congestion

Eliminatory Health Disclaimer: While travel, stress, diet and work situations can contribute to eliminatory health issues like being chronically constipated, there are also more serious possibilities when you are not having normal bowel movement for any extended period of time. You should rule out diverticulitis, IBS, Krohn's and colon cancer, if the lifestyle changes above do not take care of the problem or if you experience more severe symptoms than would suggest simple constipation.