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Are Your Bowel Movements Normal?

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Your Posture and Constipation

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Are your bowel movements normal? How to tell a good b.m. from a bad b.m.

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Question on alternative health care for a healthy colon:
I don't mean to be graphic but a nutritionist once told me that healthy stool often takes the form of little round balls, almost like larger versions of rabbit poo. Is the shape and form of stool different if one is a vegetarian? I have noticed this type of stool formation when I eat a lot of vegetables. How do I tell if I'm having a good b.m.?

Healing Facilitation response:
I don't mind graphic conversation but I must admit I've never in all my years heard that definition of a healthy stool. It could be that I don't understand your description too, since I'd expect a nutritionist to know.

If we are talking about large, soft, honey-colored pellets then maybe that's normal for you. But if we are talking about several small, distinctly rounded pellets (looking as if they were molded into little balls) that do not release completely without struggle, then I would not definitely not consider that as a healthy bowel movement at all.

When I used to do a lot of wellness coaching, one of the questions I always asked people were whether or not they had normal bowel movements. Most would say yes. When I asked how often they had a bowel movement though, I was often surprised to hear comments like "two or three times a week" or "every few days". That is NOT normal bowel function.

When we eat a meal, we need to eliminate a meal. Normal is at least twice a day if one is eating enough healthy food and fiber and drinking enough water to be healthy. The other question I ask, and this embarasses some, is what the stool looks like? Shape, size, texture are all important indicators of a healthy intestinal tract. So, moving on. What constitutes a healthy bowel movement and how do we identify a less than healthy movement?

Indicators of Healthy vs. Not Health Bowel Movements:
What is a good b.m.? Do you know what your bowel movement is supposed to look like, if it's healthy? Size matters, as does color. Both can be indicators of colon health so it's good to know the earmarks of a healthy bowel movement.

What is a bad b.m.? - On the other hand, it's also important to know when something is not quite right in the bathroom. If your bowel movement has an odd color, consistency, shape or smell, there may be other underlying health concerns. While some changes in feces shape, size, smell and color are nothing to worry about, others may necessitate a visit to your doctor.

Colon Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in this article on eliminatory health does not replace medical advice from your doctor. Any action taken based on this colon health care information is at your own risk. if you have colon problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, Krohn's Disease, please consult with your chosen healthcare professional before adding anything new to health care regimen, and in particular, If you have been diagnosed with colon problems, do not undertake a colon cleanse without clearing it with your doctor.