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Woody Harrelson Casting Call
from the Cosmic Casting Agency

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The cosmic casting call for Woody Harrelson


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Broadcasting Amazing Casting Roles: The cosmic casting agency is an etheric frequency gridline being broadcast via the internet - wanta support spiritual cinema? Lend your vibrational frequency to these ideas ... this casting call is for Woody Harrelson as William Linville. Awesome film potential with this one!

I wanta see this film made, asap! In fact, I wanta see it made so badly that when Hunger Games was filming in Shelby, North Carolina, I left a note for Woody Harrelson in the empty AD's office trailer. Of course, they have just tossed it ... or they may have passed it on. It was worth a shot.

Who is William Linville and why do I think you'd love this role, Woody Harrelson?
Well, Linville is wry, he's witty, he's amazingly out there in such a flamboyantly joyful way, he's one of a kind and so are you, Woody. Linville believes he's a "walk in" soul. I can certainly see you walking into this role with gusto and verve. I want to see that movie. His life would make a very entertaining script. He almost died, he's quite a character, etc. His mannerisms and speech patterns would be SO much fun to play with, as an actor.

The physical resemblance is there (at least, as William Linville looks now - he once weighed over 400 pounds...) and I love the way Linville articulates a lot of things with the same wry sense of humor you employ. I'm not talking about your acting so much as the videos I've seen of you, talking about things for which you have passion. I loved the youtube interview where you were asked what you'd do if you were president for a day and you said "Abolish Congress."

William Linville is a role you could so enjoy. I just know it! So, here's the William Linville audition material, check it out. Hope you accept the role of William Linville in the upcoming film, Woody Harrelson, cause you were born to play this role!

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I realize that a lot of my choices are unconventional and also that, by the time you may come across this casting wish list, the time for the role may have come and gone. It's just something I wanted to give voice to, somewhere, for myself.

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