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I have been having fun exploring a transformational quantum energy teaching called Matrix Energetics. Although learning M.E. is amazingly simple and it is fun and playful in presentation, the teachings brought forward by a man named Richard Bartlett are also part of a complex field of scientific exploration called Quantum Physics. I blogged a bit about my personal Matrix Energetics experiments and experiences. If interested, please learn more about how I used Richard Bartlett's transformational tools.

I attended a 5-day Matrix Energetics intensive at the Omega Institute in New York. I took levels 1 through 3 of the training, as it existed then. At a later date, I repeated level one of the training again, in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, Richard Bartlett has expanded the ME workshops to a fourth level and to me, that is the most exciting level. If you wanta play with Matrix Energetics, there is a most excellent DVD program available. In addition to attending an in-person M.E. seminar, I highly recommend The Matrix Energetics Experience.

The premise behind this energy technology sounds simple, and it is. Yet, the mind quickly tries to understand it or control it and that jams up the works, at least in my experience. Best I can dumb down the science of it for myself, whenever we make a measurement of anything, we collapse the wave of potential reality. The simple act of picking two points on the body, measuring between them, and letting go can have a profound reconfiguration effect on the body. It sounds nuts. It even looks nuts but I've experienced it first hand and it's true. The body has the capacity to come back from a collapsed wave experience reconfigured. For some, this means an absense of pain (even pain that has been chronic for decades, as was the case with my left shoulder at Omega).

I've tried to find a simple way to describe a Matrix Energetics two-point, the basic measurement that Richard Bartlet taught in the seminars I attended. but I guess a picture is worth a thousand words so I'd suggest this video where Richard demonstrates the Matrix Energetics two-point. In this youtube video, Richard is actually talking about the Matrix Energetics technique and, in that video, you can see it demonstrated too.

My Intro to Matrix Energetics:

Internet Search for Meaning:
In exploring ME, I realized that the quantum physics jargon was not for me. Richard has a way of simplifying the jargon and I liked that so I went in search of other teachers who might address quantum energy and the field of potential in laymen's terms.

After I attended the ME workshops, I found that I wanted to learn more about collapsing the field, zero point field theory, quantum physics and the how it related to the big questions like the meaning of life and all that. I found some videos on the internet that simplify some pretty out there information on the nature of our universe, the nature of quantum physics and the way a 10th dimension might work. These videos are by a man named Rob Bryanton. I like some a lot more than others and my favorite was titled Explanation of the tenth dimension. However, that video seems to have been removed but there are several others. I think he updated the video and that's why the name changes to Imagining the tenth dimension. Rob has several videos on youtube so you can choose the one that resonates most strongly with you. I suppose the others are all interesting but that one on the 10th dimension was the one that I liked the most and the one that made my hair hurt watching it!.

While a lot of spiritually-minded folks are still talking about 4th and 5th dimensional reality, Rob is talking about the 10th dimension .... how many parallel dimensions exist? I've had a bit of experience with at least a couple myself. How many worlds exist, right alongside the one we are most aware of here? Maybe as many as we can dream of and bring into reality? Maybe as many as we can develop the ability to notice? I don't know, I just know it's fun exploring.