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What are ELF Waves?
ELF Waves and Headaches

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when neck pain causes headaches > what causes left-sided headaches?

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Extremely Low Frequency Waves and the impact on our health


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The impact of ELF-waves on hearing, sleeping and headaches.

This is part of a series of articles on one-sided headaches, migraines and left-sided headaches. read more about what can cause a one-sided headache. On this page I want to talk Extreme Low Frequency Waves and why they may be factoring into headaches.

What are ELF Waves?
Despite the Disneyesque feel, ELF Waves are anything but harmless for those who hear them and are affected by them. In areas closest to these towers, alarming increases in certain kinds of cancers are being reported, for example, and those affect folks who can't hear them at all and have no idea they exist.

ELF Waves (extreme low frequency waves from GWEN Towers) are emitted from a network of towers, strung end to end across the United States, at intervals of about 250 miles. They are used by the military and will soon cover the globe. In other words, there won't be anywhere to go to escape the vibrational presences of extreme low frequency waves.

In addition to other health conditions that have been documented, that are impacted by ELF waves, I believe they may well be a factor in left-sided headaches too.

The ELF waves are pretty constant and large in northeast Alabama, where I was living when I wrote this article, and I have a left-sided headache a lot from them. I also experienced this phenomenon when I visited certain parts of Virginia. Oddly, I do not hear or feel the ELF waves in North Carolina, nor do I have the left-sided headaches there. This is strictly theory but I wonder if it has to do with that state sitting on an almost solid slab of bedrock?

How do I know my headaches are associated with extreme low frequency waves? Because when I hear the waves, I have the headache. When storms knock them out or the military stops them for some reason, I don't. I keep working with this and looking for a solution because it is effecting my quality of life and certainly my sleep state. I have orgonite generators and though they help with other types of electromagnetic frequencies and geopathic stress, they've done little to stop the ELF wave interference.

Others around me don't hear or feel the ELF waves at all or, if they do, for them it is a minimal interference. From what I saw on a news cast about this, it's typical and part of the frustration that those who are effected by extremely low frequency waves; some just don't believe we are hearing anything at all and that it's all in our head. I feel extremely low frequencies quite acutely and pretty much constantly, particularly on the left side of my head and particularly at night when lying prone. I believe it affects my left side because of some existing weakness in the area up next to my skull. I have not had this diagnosed. This is an intuitive sensing only.

Left-sided or one-sided headaches may be an indication of sensitivity allowing you to feel more frequencies around you than the average person. It's a blessing that may feel like a curse at times, given the amount of unhealthy frequencies in our atmosphere. If you are constantly aware of a low, generator like, slightly intermittent sound that feels agressively disruptive to every cell in your body, you may be one of those who can sense extremely low frequency waves.

Health Disclaimer: Feeling or hearing annoying or painful vibratory tones may also be a symptom of a medical condition involving the neuological functioning of the brain. Check with your doctor. Rule out conditions such as brain cancer and cavernous hemangioma. Be wise with your health.