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Women's Health Minute: The link between HPV and cervical cancer / adenocarcinoma:


HPV infections are now considered to be a factor in the development of cervical cancer in women so if you've been diagnosed with the HPV virus, you may also have been told by your doctor that you run a higher risk for certain types of cancer including cervical cancer.

If you are a woman born in the last few decades, you should also know that there has been an increase in a certain type of cancer called adenocarcinoma. This particular cancer develops in glandular tissue, in particular. Please consult with your gynecologist about your risk factors and tests that can help quickly catch any abnormality of concern.

Adenocarcinoma is a type of cancer that frequently affects the lungs and is also the most common type of cancer indicated in diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Although adenocarcinoma frequently develops in lungs or colon, it may also develop cervically. The HPV virus is thought to increase risk of adenocarcinoma so if you've been diagnosed with HPVY, you may want to read about the link between HPV and Cervical Cancer

Before you let them give your daughter the Gardisil Vaccine for HPV: The push for the HPV vaccine to be given to our young daughters is very aggressive. There is a lot of advertising about how it may save girls from cancer. The truth is that Gardisil is not proven to prevent cervical cancer. In fact, according to the Annals of Medicine, this vaccine is considered unjustified and not economically viable. Get the facts about the HPV Vaccine.

You should know that young girls have died after getting the HPV vaccine and that at least one organization is investigating Gardisil because of the government records exposed after their probe, suggesting far worse and more frequent side effects than are commonly talked about. You can read the report and other supportive evidence on Gardisil Side Effects on the Judicial Watch Website page I've linked but basically, Judicial Watch calls the Gardisil vaccine a "large-scale public experiment" and I agree with that assessment. There's a link there to the Annals of Medicine article I referenced as well.

Health Disclaimer: My personal stance is anti-vaccination. You may feel entirely different. Please check all pertinent research on vaccines before reaching a verdict. The truth about Gardisil is that even the manufacturer says it may only reduce risk of cervical cancer if the vaccine lasts for 15 years. The vaccines are not near that old so no one really knows if they will last long enough to produce the promised risk reduction. In the meantime, many, many young girls are suffering after getting this HPV vaccination.