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Since 1991, I've assisted hundreds of folks in matters of spiritual wellness facilitation and natural healing counseling. Over the years I've studied many different paths of spirituality as well as various approaches to energy medicine. I've also learned a lot about natural remedies, both through research and personal experience with them. I have spent years enjoying the study of herbal remedies and have also explored the homeopathic process and have used homeopathy successfully in my own life, to treat many common health challenges.

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I walk my talk by relying on natural healing in my own life. I have come to trust the wisdom of nature and of the Divine in nature. Beyond this, I realize that the reason nature's remedies work so well is because of the quantum energy healing frequency within them.

The links provided on this page certainly are not comprehensive. However, perhaps they may provide a place to start, if you want to explore these areas of health and wellness yourself.

Spiritual Healing is Natural Healing
In general, I believe the body is a sort of diagnostic tool for our true nature, which is spiritual. When we are not in alignment with our spiritual path, our body eventually tells us so by manifesting illness. Illness is the last step in a series of quantum energy shifts that happen before the body resorts to physical ill-health.

We live on a planet teaming with bacteria, viruses and germs. It isn't that we suddenly come in contact with these and get sick. The body sort of has to be primed for illness and nothing primes the pump better than stress or emotional imbalance, except tapping into the morphic field of diagnosis.

I agree with Richard Bartlett, creator of the Matrix Energetics consciousness technology, that it's better to call something a lumpy, bumpy thing than cancer. A lumpy, bumpy thing has no charge around it and no morphic field vigorously supporting just how hard it will be for the skin cells to shift back into healthy cell tissue.

Once a diagnosis like cancer has been heard, believed and accepted, the condition often will become exponentially harder to heal in direct relation to how strong the belief system is, around how hard it is to heal cancer.

I remember sitting in a hospital waiting room, looking at a young doctor in blue scrubs, telling us that our mother's cancer could not be cured but could be "treated" and add possibly a year or two. Instantly, I sank into that terrible morphic field of belief and I wasn't able to get myself clear of it til I left the hospital and my family for a while.

It was hard not to agree with the doctor. He stood with the morphic field of western medicine behind him and almost every person in that crowded waiting room also had a strong belief in western medicine. That's a lot of faith to stand in a different position to.

Later, I shook it off and remembered my own truth. He's a doctor, going on history and experience. The doctor was not God; nor was he the unique individual who was my Mom. Only God and Mom could know how long Mom would be enjoying her current adventure on earth.

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Typically, sickness begins energetically, at a quantum, etheric level and these energetic shifts toward ill health happen because of the power of our mind and emotions to energize them. Then, as we assist with frequencies such as worry, guilt, shame, hate, and fear, the etheric, or energetic imbalance filters down into the quantum energy field of potential and into the tissues. If the emotional and mental issues are not addressed, some sort of illness in the cells develops.

Illness is not just a physical phenomenon but a complex combination of factors including mental, emotional and spiritual health. At it's most basic level, illness is a perception. We are not "ill" unless we accept that perception. We could cultivate another perspective. We could see the times of low energy or dis-ease as an energetic flux and ask the body, mind and emotions what we need to notice about our lives. We can also ask what our body might be wanting, to enjoy more balance in the body.

I truly believe spiritual re-alignment, vibrational medicine, quantum healing energy and wellness counseling are as vital to the healing process as any natural remedies that may be taken into the body or any prescription drug that may be taken. Without addressing mental, emotional and spiritual components to healing, good health is hard, if not impossible, to maintain.

I also believe that supplements are most effective and helpful when we view them as food and nourishment, rather than something to fix something else. The paradigm of healing through creating a need for medicines or supplements sets up a vibration that is less conducive to health than the awareness that our body likes and appreciates the addition of certain supplements at various times.

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Health Disclaimer: This information about holistic wellbeing modalities is educational in nature and never presented as any type of substitute for any needed medical attention. Be wise with your health.