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mix1 Protein Shake Review
All Whey is Not Created Equal

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The CEO of the mix1 Team talks about what makes Mix1 Whey Protein Drinks Different

UPDATE, 7/29/2015:Unfortunately, since I posted this review, the mix1 website no longer loads. I don't know if there's a problem with the product or if they are just not maintaining the website but I suspect it may be either renamed or perhaps there is a reformulation in progress because I can't find it on amazon either. I have found another protein drink that I like a lot so I'm providing a link to it for you, since I don't know where to find the Mix 1 Protein drinks at this time. I also like Vegan Smooth Chocolate by Orgain. Organic, vegan, no GMOs.

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This is part two of an article on protein drinks reviews. I hope to add other reviews if I can find other protein drinks that I actually can tolerate personally. I've had a hard time finding one that I liked the taste of, that my body could also tolerate. To read more about my experience with protein drinks, click here. I really liked Mix 1 Whey Protein Shakes but recently, I've realized that the website for the company no longer loads. I'm not sure if the product is still available but if so, here is what the CEO had to say about it.

Interview with John Burns, CEO of mix1:

Question: Mix 1 caught my eye because of the organic ingredients. I have tried dozens of whey protein drinks and they all made my stomach cramp. Is there something different about Mix1 because my body can tolerate it a lot better than the others?

John's Answer: At mix1 we use the best ingredients available, including whey protein isolate. This form of protein has a high biological value and is easy for your body to assimilate. Most other products out on the market use inferior forms of protein (casein, milk protein concentrate, etc) as well as tri-blends of protein. These alternative forms of protein are not easily absorbed by your body and are often times responsible for the bloating that you feel with most protein drinks. At mix1 we never compromise on the quality of our ingredients.

Question: OK, so being casein-free sounds like a really good thing. And the use of the protein tri-blends makes sense. Now, mix1 is also lactose-free. I'm assuming that means it be acceptable for those who are lactose-intolerant, correct?

John's Answer: Yes, that is correct. I am lactose intolerant myself and can drink mix1 without fear of the usual side effects of products that contain lactose.

Question: Is there anything behind the name? Why is it called mix1?

John's Answer: The name mix1 was originally developed by our founders. Their premise was simple. They wanted to have something that incorporated the notion of mixing all the best ingredient hence the "mix" part of our name. As for the 1; most people associate the number one with being the best, or premier. In combining the two concepts they came up with "mix1" as we know it today.

Question: Anything else you want us to know about the company or the mix1 products?

John's Answer: At mix1 we continue to work hard to bring consumers the best nutrition products on the market. Going forward look for new flavors and new product lines. We remain committed to helping change people’s lives through better nutrition.

Health Care Disclaimer: If you have food allergies, please check all ingredients. No food, even one that is casein-free and lactose-free like mix1 protein drinks, can be guaranteed not to cause any allergic reaction in a sensitive individual.