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Note from Neva: I got an email from Nina who has an Abraham-Hicks group on facebook. Nina's message is shared below. Personally, I like the Abraham-Hicks stuff, and that's unusual for me to say cause I've never cared much for channeled info. However, their teachings resonate with me.Here's an Abraham-Hicks answer to some question posed at one of their channeling gatherings. I assume the person who asked was an actor who was not doing so well on their auditions at the time. Been there....

From Abraham-Hicks: "You are comparing yourself to other actors, and you are wondering, "Why them and not me?" Well, that gets you nowhere! The comparison you want to make is the comparison between you and you. That's the only comparison that matters.

So when you walk into an audition, it's interesting. If your attention is very much on what they think of you, you've already shot yourself in the foot. Because you've deviated from your own guidance. In other words, you can't serve two masters. Your guidance system cannot having you answering to two different rules or laws.

Note from Neva: Boy do my experience bear that one out. The best auditions I've ever given were those where the character or the role were so interesting to me that I forgot about who was in the room watching me. As soon as I looked at faces, to see what the reaction was, it took me completely out of creative flow. I coulda used this channeling when I was out in Los Angeles.

Continuing Abraham-Hicks Message: "In other words, your guidance system, what you want relative to your creative work, has already been well established. It is already in your vortex of attraction. Your Inner Being stands there as the already live-er, the current live-er of those things.

So your work is to find conversation with yourself, A LOT of conversation with yourself, enough conversation with yourself that you, in your physical beingness, and you, in your Nonphysical beingness are one and the same. You just have to not give a rip what they think.

And as long as you do give a rip what they think, you are catering to that guidance instead of THIS guidance. And absent THIS guidance [from your Inner Being] you've got very little to give to them. And they'll pick the one who's in alignment every single time. They'll pick the one who's in alignment, even though they may not understand what alignment is!"

Los Angeles 1/16/10

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Want to receive Abraham-Hicks messages like this one thru facebook? Login and search for the Abraham-Hicks Facebook group facilitated by Nina Ferrell. There are lots of great videos on youtube by Abraham-Hicks too, on subjects such as creating abundance (what actor doesn't want that?), self-confidence and success.