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Find Out How Your Adrenal Glands are Performing


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The adrenal stress index test is a hormone saliva test that can help you determine whether your adrenal glands are functioning in a healthy manner. The test is for men or women and it evaluates adrenal gland stress with saliva samples such as DHEA and DHEA-S, Cortisol, Total Salivary SigA, Insuline, P17-OH progesterone and gluten antibody.

You just order the test kit and, when you receive it follow the instructions and send back in. The test results are sent to Naturodoc and you will receive a copy of the lab results.

Who Should Take This Health Test?
The adrenal stress index may be used if you suspect you may have adrenal insufficiency or if you feel any unexplained fatique or malaise might be related to adrenal function. Also helpful for identifying markers for adrenal coritol hyperfunction, hypothyroidism, adrenal hyperplasia that is congenital, diabetes, hyperinsulinism and Cushing's Syndrome.

You may now order a do-at-home Adrenal Stress Test Panel securely from amazon. You follow the instructions and then mail the test to a lab for results. It is pricy but includes cost of analysis so unless you have insurance to cover, probably still a lot cheaper than stand alone test in doctor's office.

Health Disclaimer: Even though my own choices are to pursue natural healing options rather than prescription drugs, I value medical testing. It lets me know for sure what's going on with specific functions internally, as long as I don't buy into the prognosis (prediction; medical prophecy) that a western medicine doctor would most likely tack on to the end of the test.

Armed with medical facts, you are in a position to craft the best health regimen for your needs. The adrenal stress index test is one way to rule out adrenal issues. Because the test may be done from home, and includes a follow up from Naturodoc, it offers a convenient way to learn more about your adrenal function.