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Believe me, my sister was a skeptic!


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The first thing I need to say up front is that Austin Air DO NOT GUARANTEE that their filters remove mold. They don't have to say it to me because I lived it. We have really bad mold in the house. No air purifier can get rid of the mold; we knew that. We had just been trying to find something that would keep it at bay til we could get the house professionally mediated.

My sister and her hubby had already purchased several HEPA air cleaners and, to tell you the truth, I couldn't tell that they touched the mold spores. It was unbearble. We all woke up congested and feeling miserable every morning.

Then, I happened to meet a dealer who offered to let us try the Austin Air Allergy Machine for a week. I thought, what could it hurt. My sister, however, was so skeptical that she said she didn't even want to bother trying another machine.

I thought about that and decided if she wouldn't try it, I would so I said I was trying it and I'd put it in my bedroom. Before I did that though, at night, I left it in the living room for most of the first day. When she came home from work, and could actually breathe freely in there, she was convinced. We both bought Austin Air units. My sis got the big Allergy Machine and I got the little Healthmate Jr. (may be small but man does it clean the air!)for my bedroom. Wow. I could sleep, I woke feeling good. No more burning, itching eyes. No more stopped up sinuses.

I recently had to rent a room at an extended stay for a week and the only room they had was one where a heavy smoker had rented for months. Now, I admit, I gagged when I walked in. Even with the Austin Air, it took about 4 days before the smoke was down to a bearable level. If I'd stayed longer, I think it would have gotten rid of it completely. Amazing when you think about how much smoke must have been on the walls and furniture by then.

What Makes Austin Air Purifiers Better? I'm telling you, the other half-dozen machines we had tried can't begin to compare with the Austin Air Machines and they worked FAST. I think it's because they pull in air from all four directions and they also have a pre-filter. There's an "air pocket" too. What I mean is that, even if the Austin Air can't get rid of all the allergens fast enough, you can sit within the range of the clean air pocket and always be breathing pure, clean air.

I love that you can vacuum the prefilter without taking the machine apart or anything. Really easy. You do that about once a month and the filter can last 5 years. Love that. I also loved that the little Healthmate Jr. I got also helped rid the air of formaldehyde, chemicals and other gasses. Medical grade HEPA filtration is part of the reason. Formaldehyde outgassing has made me sick in more than one dwelling, and I can't stand campers because of it. Now that I have my Healthmate Jr, I can clear a space of 400' of that nasty stuff. I LOVE that. The Austin Air purification machines were chosen by the Red Cross and FEMA to address the air quality concerns in post 9/11 New York.

I'm not an air purifier expert but I know what I know. These work, when all the other brands failed. And even though I'm not an expert, I can certainly point you to one. Ron West is the Austin Air dealer that we got our units from. I feel blessed that he is the one I met because a less knowledgeable person would never have been able to convince me to try them, given how many we had already tried. Ron knows his stuff. Beyond this, Ron is a good person. He's become a friend since then and it is with complete and total confidence that I recommend him to you. He will take all the time that is needed, to explain to you every facet of the air purification excellence that is Austin Air.

If you happen to be in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, Ron will even let you try one of the machines. Believe me, that is probably all you will need to be convinced. I did not want to let me trial machine go, at all, before I got my own. It made that much of a difference. So, why not give Ron a call? Let him know Neva sent you. You won't be sorry.

Ron West, Dealer

Respiratory Health Disclaimer: If you have a respiratory disorder like asthma or emphysema, ask your doctor about air filters and see if there are specific filters they recommend. Let your doctor know that Austin Air's Allergy Machine is designed specifically for allergy and asthma relief, with special filtration for removing allergens, chemicals and gases from the air. Read over this helpful information on air filters