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Why Balanced Ph Levels are Important
Sleep Disorders and Ph Imbalances

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Your Body's pH Balance and Your Sleeping Problems

Guest Article by Jane Thompson

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Body pH Balance Vs its Effects - After the metabolism and breaking down of food in the human body, certain residues are left and this normally yields either acidic or alkaline PH potentials.

These residues have a strong influence on the pH levels of the body and have the potential of leading to adverse weight problems, unfavorable athletic performance, and lower energy levels as well as premature aging especially if it is continuously too alkaline or acidic.

Maintenance of the body's alkaline and acidic balance aids in improving the body's energy and sleeping levels, keeping off diseases and ensuring that the body maintains healthy weight.

Body pH can be described as the body's requirement to maintain a particular pH level. The pH measurement scale ranges from 0 to 14 with the latter being very alkaline, 7 being neutral and 0 very acidic. The pH of the human body's blood retains a level of 7.35-7.45, which is slightly alkaline.

Other than the blood pH maintenance, the maintenance of different body fluids occurs at diverse pH levels thus ensuring the body remains healthy. The required pH levels are sustained throughout the body through the organs and cells that work and filter whatever is eaten constantly.

Ways to Improve the Body's pH Level:
There is a wide belief that in order to fight disease, it is advisable to assist the body balance the pH levels.

When the body is overly acidic, this can lead to degenerative diseases including kidney and heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and osteoporosis. This is attributed to lack of adequate oxygen offering viruses and bacteria an ideal breeding ground.

In a bid to ensure the body retains a healthy pH level, it is initially important to note that the body diet and pH levels are closely linked.

The kidneys play a major role in regard to the body's pH balance and should hence be provided with the required minerals to ensure that the body pH is maintained. These minerals include magnesium, potassium and calcium.

The Truth about Sleeping Disorders Vs pH Balance
Your sleeping problems may result due to incorrect pH levels because despite most people being ignorant about their pH balance, it plays an essential role in enhancing better health. PH plays the role of maintaining the acid and alkaline balance of the body thus improving the energy and sleeping levels.

Due to the complexity surrounding sleeping disorders, different avenues need to be broached since sleep is affected by different physiological ands psychological factors. Sleep disorders have a similarity to anxiety and depression disorders and unlike most diseases; its treatment is commonly addressed to the brain and more specifically, the sub-conscious is actually guilty of causing the disorders.

Maintaining the body's pH balance aids in avoiding general illnesses and diseases while maintaining healthy weight, aiding in digestion and metabolism as well as promoting good sleep.

PH balance is vital because unbalanced levels of pH increase the body's acid level thus increasing the chances of developing ailments such as acid reflux and indigestion. Increased levels of acid lead to susceptibility of various diseases including diabetes, arthritis and sleeping disorders.

Due to the involved risks, measures should be taken to ensure that the body pH levels are balanced.

Health Care Disclaimer: Ask a Healer Wellness Articles are not presented as any type of replacement for any needed medical attention or care. If under a doctor's care, check with doctor before adding anything new to your diet or health regime. Be wise with your health.