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Personal Amitriptyline Experience
How this Drug Affected Me

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My personal experience with a common prescription drug for depression and/or mood disorders.


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This is part two of an article on the potential side effects of prescription sleep aids and mood balancing drugs such as amitryptyline. If you want to know more about side effects, please visit amitryptyline cautions,.

I can count on one hand the over the counter medicines I've used in my life and I could probably count on my two hands the number of prescription medications I've ingested in my almost 60 years on the planet. During my younger years, when I was around 27-28, I was suffering from acute depression. I went to a mental health counselor and they prescribed amytryptyline. It was like a miracle for me. My mood lifed dramatically, I felt alive and in charge and had so much energy. I slept well too and lost about 15 pounds without trying at all. The only side effects I ever personally experienced was dry mouth and drowsiness at first. I can say that this drug helped me turn myself around at a critical time. If the story ended there, all would be well and good.

Also, let your mental health professional know if you have been previously diagosed with any type of heart problems or thyroid problems and report any prescription drug medications you may be taking for those conditions. If you are under treatment from a medical doctor for heart problems or thyroid issues, it's important to get all your medical team in the loop of all medications. Too often, patients do not tell different members of the medical team all the medications that may have been prescribed by other members. In this age of medical specialization, it's important to network communication between all those you choose to treat you.

If ya don't take it forever ...

After I'd taken this drug for long enough to get a good job, get my finances straightened out and become involved and interested in life again, I decided to come off the medicine. I made a big mistake by coming off cold turkey. It was a week of pure detoxing, withdrawing hell. Looking back, I realize I may have been risking my life but then, I just wanted to know, as Amy Winehouse might have put it (rest in peace) "How do I feel this good sober?" You should know that there are strong concerns when giving amitryptyline to anyone under the age of 18. Some resources I checked even say amitryptyline should not be given to children under the age of 12.

So... I can say for sure that my moods improved and my sleep got better on this drug. But whatever you do, if you take this, get your doctor's help to stop. Don't try to do it yourself. You may be very sorry. And, of course, let your doctor know immediately if you experience any of the following: Vomiting, Weakness, Hyperactivity, Blurry vision, problems with constipation, too much weight loss or gain, and any pain in the liver area. That was just a few common side effects of amitriptyline side effects. If taking this medication, check with your doctor if you have any troubling symptoms.

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Important Health Care Disclaimer: Prescription drugs such as amitryptyline are not without risks. Please discuss these risks fully with both your pharmacist and your mental health counselor. Suggestions for natural pain relief are educational in nature and not intended to replace any needed mental health evaluation or medical treatment.