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I'm not fanatical about aging and wrinkles but, on the other hand, I don't want them before my time. For me, there's a huge difference between smile wrinkles and stress wrinkles too so what you put in your mind is just as important as what you put on your skin. Anyway, thanks to all the wonderful gifts on God's green earth, we do have the ability to live longer and look younger so why not give our body antiaging help? That's why I perk up my ears when I hear of news on nutrition that can affect not only my quality of life but the way I look living it.

I look at anti-aging treatments as they come along and I have to tell you that natural antiaging treatments get my vote over cosmetic anti-aging treatments any day but you compare and make your own decisions. I just post information that I feel might be of interest to other "over-15-year-olds". This article is about antiaging, antioxidants and one particular food that is being recognized as a superior antioxidant as well as a potent anti-aging tool. I hope you enjoy it.

Alternative Health Care Article on Antiaging Source of portions of this information, copyright and courtesy of Good Health Supplements, home of the GHS Ultra Cardio Tonic, an Ask-a-Healer recommended health supplement.

Before we talk about the amazing health benefits in one little blue berry, let us take a look at aging, in general. What causes the body to deteriorate? Why does the body start showing signs of aging and lose function as we grow older? This is a question certainly on the minds of antiaging scientists around the world. It is also a health concern for most people after they reach the age of 40 or 50. Around 40 or 50, most of us begin to notice a difference in the way our body looks and feels.

Why is that? The simple answer to the question is that our bodies start producing less of certain youth-maintaining ingredients such as DHEA and enzymes. Also, the effects of bad diet, stress and unhealthy living begin to take a toll as we grow older. Yet, scientists have always found exceptions to the rule. There have always been those who looked decades younger than all those around them.

What Really Determines How Well We Age? Perhaps wholistic health remedies and nutrition hold part of the key or will scientists finally discover some fountain of youth pill or elixer for us. Is the answer in natural supplements, in prescription medications or some combination of both? Are any drugs antiaging? Can drugs help our bodies stay young longer? Not according to Ira, at Good Health Supplements.

Ira says that taking prescription drugs will not restore bodily functioning and that, in fact, prescription drugs suppress symptoms, leaving the causes untreated. Think about it ... Drugs work by interfering with the natural metabolic pathways of the body. You have probably seen commercials talking about prescription sleep aids, for example, and may have heard the words "blocks the receptor site responsible for...." or some language like that. Some weight loss quick-fix products also block receptors. While creating temporary result, the long term effects of such tampering with our natural body state have not been completely evaluated.

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New antiaging treatments that are noninvasive include the Tanda Regenerate Light Therapy Treatment which got some coverage on the tv show "The Doctors" a while back and the SkinPen featured in an ABC News article. The SkinPen sounds perfectly hideous to me. Basically, your skin is numbed and then the pin makes microscopic incisions, thousands of them. In other words, it repeatedly punctures your skin. Whenever we are injured, the body has natural healing mechanisms that leap into action. However, this certainly doesn't seem the best way to get younger skin. I'd never do it.

Health Disclaimer: The wellness information within this alternative health care / natural healing article on antiaging and antioxidants is not intended to take the place of any needed medical advice. Though antioxidant-rich supplements can assist in boosting immune system and help your body fight free radicals damage, if you suspect you may have Alzheimers, Parkinson's Disease, heart disease, stroke, cancer, or memory issues, please consult with your chosen healthcare professional matters relating to your immune system function.