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Prescription Drugs and Nutritional Deficiencies
Are Your Medications Leaching Nutrients?

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drug recalls: are your prescription drugs safe?

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How to Replace Nutrients Your Prescription Meds May Deplete:
Therapeutic doses of a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals can help replace nutrients your doctor-prescribed or OTC products are depleting. It's best to see a nutritionist for the correct forumlation of potent ingredients to help your body save nutrients while you take certain prescription drugs.

Have you been taking the same prescription drugs for a long time? Most who are on blood pressure meds, statins or medication for chronic health conditions probably fit this category, as well as those under care for mood disorders or those taking sleep aids for a chronic issue with insomnia.

Many of the regularly prescribed medications, and even OTC products, may lead to nutritional deficiencies that may impact your health, over time. There have been studies done that conclusively show that drugs deplete certain nutrient, either because the drugs cause nutrients not to be absorbed properly or because they mess with the metabolism in a way that keeps nutrients from reaching their destination within the body.

Talk to your doctor about nutritional deficiencies that may be associated with drugs you are taking longterm and have the same conversation with your pharmacist about any OTC products you take regularly. Don't be afraid to ask for nutritional tests that will show whether or not you are developing deficiencies. Your doctor is there to serve you so take your health into your own hands in a more active way, which may mean asking for tests or evaluations that your doctor may not necessarily advise. Get the information you personally need to assess how your health regimen is working.

Taking a really good multi-vitamin that contains C, D, the B Vitamins and important minerals can be a great help as well as above-average supplementation with the following, in correct proportion, may assist the body in staying healthy during prescription drug use: CoQ10, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.

I'm a firm believe in probiotics for most people, unless they eat a mostly raw diet and are under the age of 50. Probiotics may be introduced on a daily basis through yogurt or other fermented foods, or by taking a probiotic supplement. Personally, yogurt or kombucha work really well for me.

In addition, certain formulations for replenishing depleted nutrients from prescription drug use include black pepper and ginger. I love ginger anyway, finding it a wonderful warming tonic. However, anything natural may have side effects so please check with doctor and research potential drug interactions before adding anything natural to your regimen. I have information on ginger side effects in that section of the wellness library.

Health Care Disclaimer: The nutritional information on this website is not intended to replace any needed medical attention or treatment. Some medications may require that you NOT take supplements so ask doctor before adding PDR or any other supplement to your health care regimen. For example, if taking potassium-sparing diuretics, your doctor may want to closely monitor any extra potassium you consume. Just take the ingredient list in and talk it over with your doc.