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How is Babesiosis / Babesia Diagnosed?
Babesiosis Treatments and Prevention

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Diagnosing, Treating and Preventing Babesiosis


Herbs against Babesia

This is part of a health article on babesia, or bebesiosis, an infection often caused by tick bite. Please read part one for symptoms and causes of babesia. If you've been diagnosed with this condition already, please read about treatments for babesia

Please note babesia symptoms are very similar to malaria symptoms so your doctor may also want to do some testing that would rule out malaria.

How can Babesiosis / Babesia be prevented?

The best way to prevent Babesiosis is to make sure you do not get bitten by ticks.

When participating in outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, or hunting, make sure you thoroughly cover your body from head to toe.

Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, and a pair of shoes with good coverage. You may also apply insect repellents.

Remember that Brad Paisley song "I'll Check You For Ticks?" Well, that's actually the best prevention tip since ticks may hide in hair, behind ears, under bra line, between toes, etc. So, have someone check you for ticks or check yourself from time to timee if out of doors and after any outdoor activity in the grassy and woody areas. This prevention tip is particularly important during the height of tick season which is late spring, summer, and early fall.

If you love walking in the woods, like I do, there are some ways to reduce risk of ticks. One is to role up long pants legs so that there is a bit of skin between the top of your socks and the edge of your pants. Also, wearing light colored clothing, in particular white socks and/or shoes, make the littlest of ticks easier to spot. Ticks tend to stay still on clothing until the person stops moving around so the best time to check is right after you stop walking.

Stripping down and taking a shower immediately after coming in from a nature trip is another good idea, being sure to check clothing for any tick travelers that might then find you again from socks or clothes lying around.

Babesiosis is a very rare infection but not to be ignored. However, using these simple prevent tips will go a long way toward keeping yourself and your children safe. If you discover you've been bitten by a tick, review the symptoms and see your doctor if you do not feel well.

Holistic Wellbeing Disclaimer: Your doctor may prescribe anti-protozoan medicines if the diagnosis is babesia. Please ask your doctor to go over side effects and risks of such medication. This health care information on babesiosis is not intended to replace any needed medical testing and evaluation.