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Is Cholesterol Really the Culprit
That is Causing Heart Disease?

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An interesting take on the statin drugs controversy - is lowering cholesterol with statin drugs the best way to deal with heart disease?


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This cardiovascular surgeon says it is not about the cholesterol and that statin drugs like lipitor, crestor, lesacol, zocor, provachol and zocor are not effective in lowering your risk of a stroke or heart attack.>He goes further to say that heart disease can be reversed without statins and regardless of whether you've been told that you developed the heart condition because of genetics; in other words, that it runs in your family. A lot of the information put forth by Dr. Lundell is provocative and flies in the face of current medical perspectives.

There is some interesting information on his site about the Framingham Study that was done back in the 40's. Apparently, the current ideas about cholesterol and heart disease sprang from the results of this Framingham study. Basically, Dr. Lundell believes that there was faulty research involved and that the Framingham Study results were used wrongly, and for greed. If interested in an alternate view on cholesterol and heart disease, please read about Dr. Lundell's ebook titled

The Cholesterol Lie - Intriquing look at what causes heart disease

Ask your doctor about pure, virgin, organic coconut oil - Healthy MCFA's provide fats the body can easily assimilate. Also, check out a simple heart tonic recipe that may be of benefit in cardiovascular health.

Health Care Disclaimer: If you are on statin drugs to manage cholesterol, you should never come off such drugs abruptly or without your doctor's consent. Please discuss any concerns you have about your statin drugs with your doctor or pharmacists and, if deciding to stop them, do it wisely and with the supervision of a qualified health professional. Dr. Lundell's opinions on the Framingham Study are his own and do not reflect those of the medical profession or those involved in the study itself.