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Risk Factors for Developing Barrett's Esophagus
Reducing Risk of Esophagael Cancer

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do you know the symptoms of barrett's esophagus?

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Barretts Disease Risk Factors


This is part two of a four-part health report on a health challenge called Barrett's Esophagus, also known as Barretts Disease. In part one, the question was what is barrett's esophagus?. Please start with part one for a better understanding.

Who is at Risk for Barrett's Esophagus?
Risk factors include age, gender, race and lifestyle choices.

Smoking increases your risk of developing Barrett's Esophagus as does drinking alcoholic beverages to excess.

Drinking and smoking, together, is a double-whammy of a risk factor for Barrett's Disease and increases your risk drastically. Just don't do it if predisposed to this type of condition.

For example, if you already have GERD, acid reflux or frequent heartburn that could lead to those eventually.

If you are a woman, you are more likely to develop it.

Age is a factor in that most with Barrett's are over the age of 50.

Barrett's Esophagus is more prevelant among hispanics and caucasians

Having GERD or acid reflux disease also makes a person far more likely to develop this condition than someone who does not suffer from either of those health concerns.

Alcohol consumption is also linked to this condition and, if a person both drinks and smokes, their risk dramatically increases.

Reducing your risk of Esophagael Cancer:
The best things you can do to reduce your risk of having Barretts progress to something more serious is to implement lifestyle changes that support good health. If you are overweight, lose the extra weight. Exercise more, eat better, get better sleep, reduce stress and stop drinking and smoking.

Prevention is the best cure but even if you have already been diagnosed with GERD, acid reflux or Barrett's Esophagus, you can still make changes that will support your body's ability to regain balance and heal.

Know what your food triggers are. Keep a journal if you have to, to begin to see which foods trigger a reflux reaction in you. Then, you can make a conscious decision to avoid those foods until your reflux is under control. continue.....medical treatment options for barretts disease

Health Disclaimer: This information is not presented as replacement for any needed medical evaluation and treatment. However, if you know that changing some things about your life will up your chances of beating Barrett's Esophagus, why not just go ahead and make those lifestyle changes now? Just by releasing cigarettes and alcohol from your life and choosing a healthier diet, you can help your body heal.