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Before You Detox Heavy Metals
Cautions on Internal Cleansing

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Before You Detox Heavy Metals, read this


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A word of caution: When doing heavy metal cleanses and body detox programs aimed specifically at cleansing heavy metals, it is good to detox in a way that supports your immune system.

Additionally, it may be necessary, with certain heavy metal cleanses, to replenish minerals.

Along with nasty heavy metals that may be removed during a cleanse of this type, you may also lose calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium.

Before starting a heavy metals detox, ask the manufacturer of the cleanse program about any minerals which may be chelated out along with harmful heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.

Before you detox, do your homework. Oh, never mind, I did it for you! Here are some of my suggestions for getting ready to do an internal cleanse:

Before you detox, do things to boost your immune system and continue immune-building supplements during a heavy metal cleanses.

If you choose a cleanse other that the one I recommend below, you may lose vital minerals along with harmful heavy metals so before you detox, be sure to take a mineral supplement.

Take your mineral supplement at a different time than when you take the heavy metals chelation formula, or they may just be chelated out again and create expensive urine.

Drinking more water is also vital when doing this type of cleanse, as well as making sure your bowels are moving on a regular basis to assist with heavy metal detoxing.

Before you detox, eat lightly for a few days and take a natural laxative to clear out the colon for releasing toxicity more easily.

Mercury is released primarily through the bowel so you must have good elimination during a cleanse for it to be effective.

Ways to improve a sluggish colon include drinking more water, taking a natural constipation remedy, eating less refined flours and sugar, eating more high-fiber whole grain foods and getting regular exercise that includes full-body movement and stretching.

In detoxing as in all healthcare choices, monitor your body response and do not continue any cleanse if you become ill or feel you are having adverse affects beyond normal detox symptoms of temporary fatique and flu-like symptoms.

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Detoxing and Internal Cleansing Health Disclaimer: If you are under a doctors care, please check with your doctor before undergoing any detox or internal cleanse program.